A PSA about makeup stains on your clothes

Years ago, a friend told me about Gojo creme hand cleaner for removing oil based, and most, stains on clothing.  You take a paper towel and rub it into the stain before your throw the garment in the wash.  It looks like you are ruining your clothing, because it has the texture of Crisco.  But once the detergent hits it, it dissolves the hand cleaner and the stain with it.  I used it to get tinted sunscreen out of my ivory pajama top.  So here you go.  You're welcome.  https://www.gojo.com/united-states/market/automotive/products/selfdispense/114112.aspx  I am also going to try Fels-Naptha, since I seem to be making a career out of getting tinted face products in my light colored clothing.


  • This is great, Sarah thank you, I've ruined a few workout tops and camisoles with sunscreen (even untinted sunscreen). Where do you normally buy it? (the place you linked to seems to only sell it by the dozen).
  • You can get the gojo creme hand cleaner at places like hardware stores, Lowe's, Home Depot.
  • Or on Amazon.
  • Great, sarah thank you, I'll look locally (I don't trust Amazon for beauty products).
  • FYI, the gojo hand creme really isn't beauty.  It's more like a hardware item.  Mechanics use it to get motor oil out of their hands.  But I hear you--buy local if you can.
  • Gotcha. :D
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