Hey Ginan--I just tried UV Physical

I just tried Elta MD UV Physical.  I tried it years ago and hated it.  But I thought I'd give it another try.  I think I like it!  Definitely better for me than the MDsolarsciences one, which I find too greasy and heavy feeling.  This one is less silicone-y, so you might not like it.  It feels more like a moisturizer.  It also doesn't pack quite the amount of zinc oxide as the MDSolarSciences.  On the other hand, I find it much easier to spread and see where it is being applied.  I also feel as though it comes out a bit more opaque, so with a powder over it, I could get away with it for my foundation layer on a light day.


  • Thanks for thinking of me, sarah!

    I tried a sample of the elta md a while back (one of those little packets) and I remember thinking that it felt like a moisturizer. I remember liking it. But I can't for the life of me remember which one I tried or why I didn't order more.

    When you say it goes on more opaque - you mean it gives you a little coverage?

    Also - how is the whiteness factor?
  • This one is tinted.  Yes, I find it gives a bit more coverage.  Although tinted, it is lighter in color than the mdsolarsciences one, but on me, it is not too light (especially with a tinted powder over it).
  • Oh, I see - I didn't realize they had a physical one that was tinted. I don't think it's the one I had tried, then, I remember the one I tried being white.

    The mdsolarsciences is a tad dark for me - although I can get away with it - but lighter would be better.

    Now I'm intrigued...

    Maybe I'll go by my derm's office and see if they carry it and have samples to try.
  • Good idea.  I also have to confess: I am terrible about sunscreen on my body.  Do you apply a daily sunscreen on all exposed skin?  That's what you're supposed to do, but lately, I am lazy and just do my face and neck...
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    Oh I protect my chest, forearms and hands as carefully as I do my face and neck...since those areas can also show age so much also :( ...although I admit I did not start being diligent about this until the last few years.
  • The one area I am not diligent with - and I should be - as I am sure protecting them would also help them look better longer - is my feet.
  • Wow, you are good.  I used to be, but I gave up.  It was taking me too long to get out of the house.  And I tried sprays, but they were coating the entire bathroom floor... Do you use a spray for your body?
  • Oh yes I don't mess around.

    But i hear what you're saying - very, very often, I get tempted to not put it on...oh, I'm just going to get coffee...oh I'm just going to the store...

    But ultimately I just do it. I *know* the effects are cumulative. I don't know how old you are but this may be something you'll pick back up again when you get older and notice that your forearms and chest are showing redness or signs of aging.

    I tried a spray that I really really liked, but stopped using it for the same reason - it was a mess to put on. So I use regular sunscreen.

    I also bought a sun protective pair of gloves and a scarf that I wear in the car.

    Yeah I'm that serious.
  • I'm 48, so I'm definitely seeing the effects.  But still can't motivate myself to make it a regular habit.  I am going to have a pruned body and pristine face? :)  Not to mention skin cancer...
  • Like I say, I was doing it--in my latter 30's and early 40's.  And then I got lazy...
  • I'm in my mid 40s too. And I hear you. It really is a pain in the butt to put on sunscreen every day. If they truly felt like moisturizers, without being sticky, staining clothes, or having a smell, that would really help.

    Well, I hope knowing I do it every day maybe helps you want to do it, even if just a few days out of the week. I truly feel it is one of the very few things I can do and control to look as good as possible as I get older.
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