Benefits of sea salt for the skin?

One of the Korean beauty brands just released a new line that features sea salt, specifically magnesium + calcium salt and claims that the benefits to be had are:
1. contain excessive sebum secretion
2. prevents moisture from escaping the skin, in fact the sea salt "pulls the water charges" to the skin... do they just mean it's a humectant?
3. improves elasticity in skin
4. potassium is deposited and "fills the pores"

I've never heard of salt being used in skincare before. Are these claims way out of line or do they hold some merit?


  • First of all, are you sure that the product is claiming that the salt provides these benefits? Or are they saying the product, with salt, does these things? 

    Second, none of these claims make sense for salt that I can figure out. 

    Third, salt does has some benefits. You may find this article helpful:

  • You know, the marketing material is all in Korean and I'm only an intermediate speaker/reader so I can't be sure if they were claiming it was the salt that provided all of these benefits... but it sure did seem like it. They specifically called out that they were using salt high in magnesium content which seems to be corroborated by this Dead Sea salt study you just sent me. Thank you for that by the way. Love the blog, love the podcast. 
  • You're welcome! Glad to hear you're a fan of our show. If you haven't already, can you please write a review on iTunes for us? Thanks!
  • Definitely! Anything for you guys. Cheers.
  • I haven't heard of using the salt in skincare before. This is something new. I think this is something very benevolent to be known. Thanks for sharing this.
  • No problem. I think this has been around in the Middle East for a little while... I've seen some Dead Sea salt products in the past but the product I was referring to comes from South Korea where sea salt has become an emerging skincare trend this year.
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