facial creases

Is there anything besides botox that is effective for facial creases?  I am including both products and cosmetic procedures.  For example: does retinol help expression lines at all?  Does fraxel laser help?  Any other topicals?  I don't know why, I just hate the idea of paralyzing my facial muscles:)


  • Well, nothing will have as much of a dramatic effect as Botox but there's some evidence that peptides can help with facial creases.  Tripeptide-3 is one example. 
  • How about retinoids?  Any benefit?
  • As far as I know, retinol is better on fine lines and wrinkles vs. "creases." But it certainly seems worth a try.  
  • Okay, thanks.  I have skin that seems to crease more than it wrinkles.  At least so far...  But I do have some wrinkles, too.  Aging is an adventure.
  • And sorry I didn't thank you right away for the suggestion of peptides.  I will look for products that contain both.  Twofer.
  •  Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 works as neurotransmitters – blocking nerve signals that control contraction of facial muscles. This brings substantial decrease in the wrinkle depth.
  • Thanks.
  • i really like my rose hip oil
  • ...retinol is better on fine lines and wrinkles vs. "creases"

    Can you clarify what would be a 'crease' opposed to a wrinkle (I do understand fine lines)?
    I recently began using retinol product, particularly for lines across my forehead but dont know whether they would be considered wrinkles or creases.
  • Most of the wrinkles on my forehead are creases, aka expression lines.  There are vertical lines right above my nose from furrowing my brow, and then there are horizontal lines on the forehead from raising my eyebrows.
  • Wrinkles, as opposed to creases (my definitions) are more like an allover crepey or orange peel texture.
  • My understanding is that "wrinkle" is used to describe a line or any other disturbance in the smoothness of the skin that is caused by factors which lead to collapse of collagen and elastin. (Like smoking, UV exposure, dryness, etc.)

    "Crease" is a more specific term used to describe a deeper line that is caused by an external force (sleeping on a pillow) or internal force (contraction of facial muscles.) 
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