I give up/ help me pretty please? *bats eyes adorably*

 I've been gone for a bit, and last time I was here I mentioned something about making my own acne scar removal cream/ system. Well I meant to reduce or completely encourage the skin to remove the damaged cells, and be stimulated to regenerate new healthy cells, that would in theory fix depressed forms of acne scaring. My focus was not so heavy on depigmentation as mine are faded.

 Buuuut recently I'm absolutely swamped with work, and I have a new puppy. And according to him, he doesn't agree with my having free time, when I could be spending my free time taking him on walks, or being aggressively beaten with squeaking stuffed animals, you see.

 I post this, tail between my legs, asking for help if you could find a product that works well at removing or reducing the appearance of depressed acne scaring besides using fillers or plumpers? Basically I'm looking for real lasting results without any chemicals that will wear off in any matter of time. Pretty please!

BTW, what you guys do for a living is SUPER hard. I knew it'd be hard, which is part of the fun, but there is levels to this, I couldn't anticipate. I have a whole new respect for cosmetic scientists. And I officially tap out! Now.... What to do with all this equipment and chemicals....


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