I could use help coming up with a name!

After a long time on PubMed, here, CC, and a slew of other sites I won't even try to recall, I have made my top secret rough draft  of my first finished theory crafted anti-aging acne scar appearance gel. I am now in material collection stage. When I have it out of I deem just right after what I figure will be numerous AR tweaks and adjustments to the whole process, it will produced in labeled batches, but under meticulously detailed notes of the original so they may move onto the my first series of testing. I will explain more about it if any one is interested.


  • (I wasn't kidding about the name thing though, I am a geek, and was considering Poison Ivy, my favorite villainess, but... yeah well that's not such a great idea, and the other one was Spock gel)
  • Instead of "Spock Gel" how about "Scar Trek?" 
  • I like that too!!!!!! I had someone suggest something from LOTR today, but I forgot.  :/
  • Love Scar Trek!  
  • Well oddly enough I wanted to update this. I've decided instead of an all in one, I want to break it up into two product system, (maybe more) so that each product can really focus doing a specific thing, and then working with the next one harmoniously. I would atypical rules for where and when and under what conditions to apply the product, and where each product should be stored. I feel the general public doesn't know to keep certain things away from moisture, heat, sunlight, etc, even during application. So I figure I would kinda include stuff like that in a product info brochure.

    I am only 7 ingredients away from making my newest, and latest concoction.

    By the by, I like Scar Trek, but my friends have also been giving me a hard time and nick naming it "snake oil." .... It's probably what I get for electing for human testing.  

    However, I'm proud I haven't burnt down the house yet, and haven't caused any kind of weird reaction, (other than disgust for the smell of my batches... Uhhh.... I hate to ask this, since I know fragrance is as classified as covert opps, buuuut, is there like any kind of fragrance 101 for dummies, or like something besides lavender and C that people use to mask pretty smelly odors that you would know of Randy from your friends that make perfume? I think my test subjects are about to go on strike, and I'm not about to try to go catch any in the woods. *shivers* gross.

  • Oh, and I decided, although I may be able to get access to stem cells, and I have a working theory to use that suspend concept, I'm not going to try it! <----- Not an actual scientist! See, I do know my place! :o
  • Fragrance development is tricky. The way the process normally works is that you give a sample of your base to the fragrance house and they evaluate which aroma chemicals can cover the base odor and are stable. It's hard to replicate that process on your own. About all you can do is try adding different essential oils and see if you like the way they make it smell. If you find something you like you'll have to test it for stability to ensure it doesn't go bad over time.  
  • That reminds me (slightly unrelated note,) I need to find more preservation alternatives.

    But yeah, I was sorta along that track. I was looking into stabilizers, so I guess its sort of an intuititive thing to try to ballence my product out after I realized it (literally) stinks, and need to go back and fix it.

     I think I got a headache because didn't either like how god awful the stabilizers were for the product, or, they wouldn't work because it was for a specific application, like makeup or something, or there were FDA crap to adhere to. (If I remember right, an odd amount of sunscreens are also used as stabilizers?) (( Which is why I would still like to know why ZInc Oxide is monitored here, but in Japan, its free for all, and they have similar limits for sunscreen usage.)) (((I am finding out more and more how awesome Zinc Oxide is, and how versatile it is!!!)))  

    Anyways, Yeah, I was already kind of doing that, using Perry's Epic advise about copying and thieving cosmetic formula's fragrance from one of your older episodes. I'm getting pretty close to making the scent "Dirty" by Lush, on it's own, now to just see if I can completely undo my original solution, and develop and create my first formula, which will be a peel, and a second, which will be a deep penetrating serum, and my third, moisturizing, repairing, protecting cream with robust combo of specifically chosen sunscreens to make my job easier.

    In this cream I think I will attempt to put the fragrance once I get the oils in absolute. If it still needs it, it might smell fine once I disassemble the product and create things properly. I was trying to jam too much into one product. Idk what I'd do for the serum or the peel... Those two things seem like they'd be harder to scent, but I'll see what they smell like when I get there.

  • "Clarity?"  not as a question but as a name
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