Microwave mascara suggestion

According to the Daily Mail:

To revive a dry, clumpy mascara, remove the lid and brush, then place the open tube in your microwave next to a cup of water for humidity, says Jacqueline. ‘Microwave on high for five seconds to loosen up the contents and get a couple more weeks of luscious lashes,’ she says.

Good or bad idea?


  • If the mascara has dried out and the preservative system has been compromised this won't help at all. Just buy a new one. 
  • I completely agree with Randy! There are tons of viral suggestions out there to stretch out mascara, nail polish, foundation..you name it.

    All of it compromises the texture, safety and composition.

    As Bobby Brady says, "When it's time to change..."
  • In the 8 years that the Beauty Brains community has been in existence, I believe this is the first time anyone has ever made a Brady Bunch reference. This calls for a celebration!
  • Celebration indeed! If only Davy Jones could have sung at our celebration..
  • agree about the mascara effectiveness diminished.  that aside, i use the heat of my laptop to liquefy my mascara.  currently i slip it under my laptop.
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