Can Grandelash MD really grow my eyelashes?

A few years ago my friend suddenly had the most lovely lashes (without mascara). She told me she was using Grandelash MD. 
Now I want to try it - but first, do you think it will actually work? Do you think its safe?

Thanks so much!


  • Eyelash growth products raised quite a controversy a few years ago. Read this post about Jan Marini for some background:

    The bottom line was that a glaucoma drug (Bimetaprost) has since been proven to grow eyelashes. However, since this is a drug ingredient it's illegal for it to be used in a cosmetic like the Jan Marini product. Read about the drug product here:

    I took a quick look at the ingredient list for the Grandelash MD product. It contains prostaglandin I.C., which I believe if the same as isopropyl cloprostenate, a compound that that is similar to Bimetaprost.) That means in theory that Grandelash could work but it could also have the same side effects as Bitamaprost which means it can darken the iris of your eyes. 

    It seems a little shady to me because Grandelash should be considered a drug product. I've read that the FDA has sent warning letters to other companies that use prostaglandin I.C. and those products have been reformulated. 
  • I would go to a dermatologist or ophthalmologist and get a prescription for the stuff that works.  That way they can also monitor you for side effects.
  • I agree with Sarah!
  • hmmm thanks for the input and info guys! i'm still debating….
  • is there concern the prostaglandin analogue lash growers may have a side effect of lowering the pressure in the eyeball.  perhaps if some of it drops down from the lashes into the eye?

    i looked at some of the glaucoma medications websites.  they write at the forefront that said product may encourage growth, darkness and thickness of eyelashes.

    i think ancestry (genetics) determine lash density and lash count.  if our ancestors came from dry dusty desert land, thick fringe lashes would be an advantage.  those of us with semitic blood can thank our kefiya wearing ancestors for flutter worthy lashes.
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