If You Have to Choose -- Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C Serum


First time poster. :) Thanks to this site, I am finally ditching products that don't work, culling through choices, and trying to make smart(er) ones.

I am coming to the end of my moisturizers and serums. If you had to choose, would you replace serums with a Hyaluronic acid formulation, or a 20% vitamin C serum?

I am a 50-something woman who skin is in pretty good, youthful shape and I'd like to keep that going as long as possible.

Recommendations of specific products welcome too. TIA!


  • That's sort of an odd choice because those two ingredients provide different benefits. 

    Hyaluronic acid is a good moisturizer. Vitamin C is known to play a role in collagen production, it is thought to help heal acne, increase the barrier function of skin to decrease moisture loss, protect from UV radiation, and prevent age spots.

    I'd go with vitamin C as long as it's the right form. Check this out for more info: http://thebeautybrains.com/2014/05/which-kind-of-vitamin-c-is-best-for-skin-the-beauty-brains-show-episode-31/
  • I loved the podcast on both topics, and this clears up some confusion. Thank you very much for getting back on this.
  • Linda, shop around.  I'm using a Vitamin C serum with Hyaluronic Acid - you don't have to choose between them, get a product that contains both!


  • Would it be OK to just layer the two on top of one another to get the benefits of both? 
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    I think the Beauty Brains discussed layering products in an episode but I can't find it.

    The advice that stuck with me about layering beauty products is to layer in order of "consistency" with the most liquid layers of product first to the more more creamy layers last.

    One of the brains will jump in to correct me if I hallucinated hearing this advice from - but it works for me. : )


  • P.S.  I allow dry/set time between layers.
  • Hi!

    L -- can you tell me which serum you use that has both C and hyaluronic acid? Recs from people here really count for something. Thanks so much!
  • I live in Italy,so right now I'm using a locally-made Italian Organic product. It's called Jalus C - and has both high and low weight hyaluronic acid, plus Vitamin C...

    Previously, I used the Timeless Serum - it's an American product  and I had it shipped to me. It was OK but I decided to go the local route.
    BTW, if you get the Timeless serum, since it comes in a dropper - I transferred it to one of those "airless pumps" that came with one of my moisturizers to keep it form oxidizing.


  • Thank you. Molto apprezzato!
  • L - Thank you, I am new to the site so I definitely still need to catch up on past episodes. I'm sure a lot of my questions have already been answered  8-}

    Any thoughts on how oils and serums fall into the layering scheme? My skin has been so incredibly dry this winter I stopped using my tretinion cream (0.05%) alltogether until I return to normal. I have been using this Lavera moisturizer at night http://www.pravera.co.uk/shop/lavera-cosmetics/face-care/anti-wrinkle/lavera-anti-ageing-night-cream-basis-sensitive , letting it soak in, then layering plain Argan oil on top of that, which seems to be helping. My thought was that the oil would "seal-out" the cream if I put it on first, but I have no actual facts to back that theory up... it just seemed to make sense to me. 

    I have never used a vitamin C serum before but have been thinking about adding one into my routine lately. The thought of possibly preventing sun damage most appealing to me. Did you notice any other immediate (1-2 months after starting) results after adding this type of serum? My wedding is Feb 18th so I am wondering if there is a short-term benefit that would make it worth starting now or if I should just wait until after in case it irritates my skin... Any advice is appreciated!
  • Sam, 

    You'll have to wait to hear from the Beauty Brains or an expert about mixing oils and creams - I'd love to see what they say, too. I read an Italian beauty forum where the more experienced ladies recommend mixing oils and creams together in the palm of your hands before applying (Rosa Mosqueta Oil + an anti-age cream, for example).  I do that, with hand cream (I mix-in a few drops of Argan oil) and it seems to work well.

    Sam, you'll love using a Vitamin C serum -  it has a nearly immediate "brightening" effect.  For my skin, which is freckled, it evened out my skin tone in an interesting way.  The freckles are lighter but my skin overall has more color. So instead of white/brown it's more like cream/beige - more balanced. Also, I suffer with hormonal acne, and the "red dot" that stays forever and ever after a pimple lasts only a few days.

    I love using Vitamin C Serums!!



    P.S.  Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!!

  • ... Agreed w/Randy, odd comparison, diff mechanics at play,However, the clear choice for me, hands down, is vit c serum. It's and antioxidant, it's effective against photoaging, and hyaluronic acid is mainly a temporary plumping agent... so actually it's like a bandaid to a problem, HA neither boasts much in the way of either solutions for dermatological problems, nor even preventive skincare. I tend to vote for chemicals that have evidence from studies proving it's worth for actual treatment for long term issues, or preventive skin care. That is worth my monetary investment. At least in my opinion. 
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