Silicones in Skin Care (NOT Hair Care)

Hi Beauty Brains! I've noticed that you've oft touted silicones as excellent hair conditioners. However, you haven't talked much about the impact of silicones on skin, more specifically the face. I assume they carry similar pros and cons to hair application; the pros being excellent occlusive properties and the cons being potential buildup. Is this a correct assumption? If so, do most facial cleansers easily remove silicones, specifically dimethicone (the hardiest of all silicones), which seems to be in many of my products? Thanks!


  • I've never seen anything to suggest that silicones build up on your skin. First of all, cleansers will do a good job of removing silicones. Second, your skin is constantly shedding its outside layer so any product residue will slough off. 
  • I think I read somewhere in my research when I had aims to make a scar remover for pitted acne scars, (Wow, i had pretty damn high expectations of myself for a first timer in home made skin care.....) Anyways, that silicones are pretty excellent for scars. I forget the particulars of why, I've since moved onto another field of science to stimulate my brain meat.... but checked in here for a bit. I just wanted to add that while I'm online

  • Silicone SHEETS are proven to help reduce some kinds of scar tissue. That's much different than using a cream or lotion that contains silicone. 
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