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We know many of our Beauty Brains community members also write their own beauty blogs.  If you are a beauty blogger and you would like to share your link, please do so in this thread.  Please include the following information.

1.  Blog Name
2.  Blog url (link)
3.  Short statement about the blog and why someone would want to read it.

Here's an example of what an entry about the Beauty Brains blog would look like.

1.  Blog Name:  The Beauty Brains

2.  Blog url:

3.  Statement:  The Beauty Brains is a blog written by cosmetic chemists that endeavors to educate people about which products work, which ones don't and what is worth spending money on or not.  We also enjoying exploring whether things are facts or beauty myths.


  • 1.  The French Connection

    3.  This blog is written by a self-educated sales rep where I try to provide information on French skin care, general skin care information, business tips and motivation/self improvement tips. I hope to educate consumers so they can make an informed purchase decision.
  • thestylepage August 2011
    More Than a Pretty Face The Style Page blog on Wordpress This blog focuses is written by a makeup enthusiast who provides candid reviews of products. My interests are indie brands and distinct and innovative concepts. I derive a lot of satisfaction from interviewing cosmetics entrepreneurs and other creatives.

    Thanks Beauty Brains for providing us this forum to publicize our blog.
  • 1. Ask an Esthetician

    3.  My blog is all about skincare, makeup, and sometimes hair removal from my perspective as a licensed esthetician.  I try to make sure that my posts are well researched (I always quote my sources)  and provide a lot of correct and interesting information about skincare to my readers.  I hope to give my readers lots of tools to make informed skincare decisions on their own.
  • Hi my name is Stephanie 


    There's tips reviews my looks how tos and growing better everyday please visit and follow if you like what you see!!
  • 1. Pretty Kiss

    3. I blog about a variety of things...mostly cosmetics, reviews, and fashion. I am a vintage clothing lover, totally into Japanese fashion, and occasionally I will rant about how hard my (aero engineering) courses are at school! Although that's winding down a bit now that I will be graduating soon...muwhaha. I'm also super-fascinated by what ingredients go into products and occasionally I will talk about that but I am generally not informed enough to go into detail which is why I love the beauty brains!!
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    1. Cyberlady's Beauty Blog


    3. I am a mature Blogger/Reviewer (64) and have lots of ladies 40+ following me. I do product reviews as well as info on skincare, fashion, cooking and other stuff. Passionate about anti-ageing skincare and looking and feeling good. Also on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 1. Cosmetology Website


    3. is a educational place where licensed Cosmetologists can go to learn how to do anything dealing with Cosmetology. Created by Mags Kavanaugh " Mags the Mentor" will help answer stylists questions, which she did as "The Expert" for Matrix / Logics/ Redken and L'Oreal for over 20 years.. 

  • 1. Cakepie
    Like the delicious mix of cake and pie, (Wouldn't that be a great dessert?) is an unusual mix between the videogame world and beauty. Why the heck would anyone do that? To give the geek women and men a brilliant platform where nerds are beautiful, of course. It's all a strange idea but the plan is to produce content that is in-depth, valuable, and maybe not what you see everywhere else. I write about Asian cosmetics, new stuff, budget, and TESTED solutions (none of this "I hear blah works for blah reason". I'm just starting out so come say hi, leave me a comment, and I'll be so happy! 
  • 1. Beauty Box


    3. Beauty Box is a blog written buy a 21 years old girl with a passion for all beauty things. There are reviews for different beauty products and more coming soon.
  • 1. Blog Name: Moxie Reviews

    2. Blog url:

    3. Moxie Reviews is a beauty blog of cruelty free, natural and organic beauty products.
  • 1) Skin Care Boards

    3) We focus on anti-aging and DIY skin care using the most researched and active ingredients.

    1. Style Seeker blog: 
    3. This blog focuses on all things hair-related -- how-tos, celebrity looks, color, styles, cuts plus loads of opinions. Written by hair lovers, the blog is fun, gossipy and has lots of free product giveaways. Lots of articles on timely hair (and beauty and fashion) topics.
  • 1. Fluff and Fripperies


    3. Irish beauty blog with beauty news, product reviews and other assorted fluff and fripperies!
  • 1.  Beauty Infinitum


    3.  Down-to-earth, honest reviews of everything beauty from the perspective of a small-town Canadian twentysomething.
  • 1. nonsonoquitter

    3. Makeup and skincare in general, with an affinity for Asian products. Also has a comprehensive beginner's guide to Korean beauty.

  • 1. Solvaderm

    3. Solvaderm blogs provides solution treatment of all skin issues it also contains innovative skin care treatments for all skin issues.
  • 1. Wolf & Moroko

    3. Wolf & Moroko is Africa's first science based beauty blog. It aims to empower the smart, confident African woman through beauty trends, techniques, products and innovations.
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    1. Fablore: Best Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks Revealed

    3. helps to improve women's lives by covering daily breakthroughs in beauty ,skin care,hair care,body care and makeup tips with a focus on storytelling and original reporting.Every day we introduce women to new products, trends and inspiration, and provide them best natural beauty tips and tricks along with product reviews.

  • 1. Skin Tightening Sage

    3. Skin Tightening Sage is THE destination for great skin and beauty articles and all the best skin tightening products available online today.
  • 1. The Anti-ageing Diaries


    3. Anti-ageing Diaries is written by a beauty therapist for anyone who needs advice with skin care concerns (e.g. adult acne, psoriasis, rosacea) or more advanced anti-ageing treatments such as botox, fillers, veneers and plastic surgery (all from personal experience!).

  • 1.)  The SeaQuarius Blog

    3.)  The SeaQuarius Blog includes practical skincare articles on the health benefits of ocean derived ingredients.  We also write articles relating to other methods of helping your skin such as exercise and nutrition. 
  • 1) You Glow Gal
    3) YGG is edited by an actively working & licensed esthetician with an obsession for skincare and frustration with misinformation in the online beauty community. We are focused on providing educated beauty advice first and foremost; product reviews with a focus on spa & indie brands, cult products and deciding if it's worth the hype, and deciphering ingredients between budget & splurge options; and reviews nationally and eventually internationally.
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    1) Blog Name: Love Need Want
    2) Blog URL:
    3) More info:
    - New blog started 14 May 2016.
    - Australian based beauty blog written by a 37 yr old non beauty professional interested in maintaining her 20 something looks; stopping the clock and staying young forever.
    - Everything you'll love, need and want.
    - Focused on P4S skin concerns; pigmentation, pores, pimples, perfection and scars.
    - Sharing shopping hauls, beauty boxes, product reviews and personal skincare routine.
    - Special interests in ingredient analysis, sunscreen, pigmentation, DIY skincare, product packaging to minimise air/uv + maximise stability of actives, natural / organic skincare without harmful chemicals, healthy diet & lifestyle.

    New to blogging, would appreciate any feedback if you have some for me, Thank you in advance.

    Love the shares in this thread, going to checkout each link and blog here. Thank you everyone. Looking forward to more beauty blogs from this community.
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    Blog Name: Khadija Beauty
    About my blog:

    My blog will have reviews on different makeup products, skincare, quick beauty hacks and other interesting things that would be quite affordable to everyone and would help the beginners in positive ways. This blog is mainly to comfort and help out any girl who has a little idea and is just confused about how or from where to get a start for doing makeup or maintain a healthy skin.

    If you lovely girls find it appealing and helpful then do subscribe, follow, like and comment on the contents I post in this blog.

  • Blog Name: Cosmetics Arena
    Blog url:

    About my blog:
    In my blog Cosmetics Arena, I share reviews of latest cosmetics, DIYs, and simple beauty tips. But one may ask that there are numerous review what makes the difference.
    I believe the answer is actually my presence in the community forum of Beauty Brains. I am a logical reviewer. I analyse the ingredients in detail and in fact I test the pH value of products before passing judgements.
    Cosmetics Arena is a forum where I celebrate womanhood and encourage others to do the same..:))..
    I welcome you all to my blog. Take care..:))
  • blog name: fingo9
    about our blog: You can learn a lot about various diseases and illnesses, causes and prevention, appropriate foods which help in preventing certain diseases and illnesses, in our health andHEALTH AND beauty section. You can get useful tips on Yoga, beauty.cosmetics,makup tips 
  • Blog Name: Foundation Fairy

    About Blog: I'm a professional makeup artist and my blog is where I share my professional makeup advice. The blog contains tips and tricks on doing makekup, step by step guides for applying foundations, concealers and primers and a FAQs section where I answer some of the most common questions I have come across both from my clients and online. 
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    Blog Name: SuperLoudMouth Blog Url: About Blog: SuperLoudMouth is all about lifestyle, beauty, and travel. It incorporates beauty tips, travel adventures, tips and joy of traveling, and share things done on the daily basis of life.
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    Blog Name: Rami Jabali Beauty Blog: URL: Topics: Hair services, facial services, Natural beauty and hair tips, nail spa and styling tips, body massage services tips etc. Tips on all these topics are shared by top experts from the beauty and fashion world. These blogs will be a helpful resource and an addition to your study on health and beauty.
  • Hi all, Here is our blog page - You can find informative and interesting blogs, articles and infographics on beauty and skin are.
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