Would anyone like to contribute an audio question for the Beauty Brains Show?



  • Really? Already? good, I'll look it up. Thanks.

  • I know you are both based in USA, however is it possible to have a overview of how Uk / EU / rest of the world licences cosmetic products sold? Thanks!! 
  • Hi Jax. I don't understand your question. What do you mean how the rest of the world "licenses" cosmetic products? Do you mean how does the rest of the world regulates cosmetics? 
  • Hi Randy - 

    Yes, sorry - I'd like to know how the rest of the world regulates cosmetics (other than FDA in America), and do global companies have to meet each regulations separately and label individually for the relevant regulatory board?

    I'm intrigued as often get contacted with retail opportunities to sell products that are just being introduced to UK from America or other parts of the world, and with all the recent press about fake / unregulated products I'm keen to find out how I can ensure I am purchasing correctly regulated cosmetics.  
  • I'll look into this. 
  • I've gotten a chemist from the UK to record an answer to your question for an upcoming podcast. It probably won't air until Episode 98, though because we're recording shows ahead of schedule.  
  • Amazing, thanks Randy! 
  • Just found this thread, ok I know how to do it now thanks to your earlier post. Will do an MP3 on my phone or iPad and email you it. Hope you understand the Aussie accent :)
  • Scrap that question found an earlier post where you go I to detail how to do it, will do one tomorrow and send it.
  • I'll be happy to contribute if you like. Curious about fluoride in toothpaste. Good or Bad? 8-|
  • btw an elaborate question probably here, but i figure for a voice question, it has to be short  

  • I just responded to your comment on the Korean beauty thread and then I saw this. I think a question about fluoride would be GREAT! Let's do this one first. Can you record it and email to me at thebeautybrains@gmail.com? 


    If you also want to record an intro for the show I might be able to use that as well. ("You're listening to the Beauty Brains where real scientists answer your beauty questions. And now, here's Randy and Perry.")
  • I'll get my nerves in check & email you something tomorrow, :)
    Hope my iphone will work, I have never done this before :-$
  • edited September 2016
    have emailed you, hope it is usable ;;)

    Done both the intro & question.

    I've never had my voice broadcasted before. Feeling mighty shy.
  • I sent in a question a few months ago about Nars sunscreen not having any UV protection in it and FDA regulations on sunscreen. I'm still waiting to hear it on the podcast. Say, when is your next podcast? I'm eagerly awaiting it. Thanks!!! 
  • First, let me say I absolutely love your screen name!

    Second, yes I do remember your question about Nars. We haven't answered it yet because we haven't done a deep dive into sunscreen regulations which are complicated and we want to make sure we get all the facts before we talk about it. 

    Third, we're on hiatus from podcasting at the moment. 

    Fourth, thanks for joining the Forum! You might consider posting your Nars question here too. 

  • Hello Randy and Hello everyone., I want to contribute. Please tell me, how to send it?
  • Hi CA, 

    You can certainly submit a question but we're not recording podcasts right now so I can't say when we would get to it. 

    All you do is use the voice memo function on your smart phone (or on your computer) to record your voice and email the file to me at thebeautybrains@gmail.com. 
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