Hero hair oils?

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Hi guys,

I've been trying out The Ordinary's Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil on both my hair and skin. It seems to be a bit heavy for my hair (and I have thick curly hair), but my face loves it. What is your favourite hair oil? Philip B's oil is amazing but it's a blend. Has anyone tried Crambe Abyssinca Seed Oil? What's your favourite hair oil?



  • Scientifically speaking, pure coconut oil is the only thing proven to waterproof your hair from the inside out to prevent damage. Other oils may be perfectly fine for surface conditioning. Just read the ingredient list so you know you're spending your money on a true oil rather than a silicone with a little bit of oil thrown in. (Not that there's anything wrong with silicone it's just that sometimes brands will trick you into spending more on a product if you think it contains a lot of an exotic oil and it doesn't. 
  • I do avoid silicones as much as I can, but it's really useful to know that fact about coconut oil. Thanks Randy!
  • For conditioning, I use coconut oil as a pre shampoo treatment overnight. I shampoo and condition in the morning as usual. There are so many articles on the Beauty Brains about coconut oil and they are very informative. You could use coconut oil on dry hair after washing, but it could be too heavy. It also doesn't do much in terms of smoothing the surface. If your hair isn't very frizzy, your regular conditioner will take care of that.
    If your regular conditioner doesn't take care of frizz/fly always, I would try a silicone and oil serum on damp or nearly dry hair after washing. There are tons of options at the drugstore. I really do love MoroccanOil and Agadir Argan Oil but they are expensive. Other favorites of mine include Organix Argan Oil, Nexxus Oil Infinite, and Pantene Argan Serum. If you want something that doesn't have cones, Baby Oil (mineral oil), Vo5 Beauty Oil, and Vo5 hairdressing are great options. Otherwise just buy a plain oil from the grocery store, don't she'll out for regular oils in fancy packaging. 
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