Nooooooo. No more podcasts?

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I'm trying to be an adult and come to terms - there must be a reason and I need to respect that reason but can I just be super sad first? I was so exited for the 165th episode but devestated by this news. Will this forum be closing too? Ok here come the emojis ????????

PS. Thank you Randy and Perry for all you have given us with your knowledge, time and energy. Best wishes in your future endeavours.


  • Thank you Randy and Perry!

  • No, the forum will remain open. I'll keep checking in and answering what I can. Randy has been more active than me, but I'll increase my participation here.

    Thank you for participating here and enjoying the show!
  • Perry and Randy, Huge thanks for your great entertaining shows, You have been a true inspiration. I have listened to every show, enjoyed your mix of humor and sharp scientific thinking , feeling your camaraderie as well as your in depth understanding of beauty formulation science. I have been inspired to take Perrys courses and turn my wash room into a creative cosmetic space. Will miss you on the airways and wish you all the best with future endeavors. Again Many thanks for giving the world your love for what you do.
  • @halfpintpete - Thanks for the kind words! And also thanks for joining the course. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions along the way.
  • Why is it ending? I haven’t listened to the most recent podcast. ??
  • @Doffy90 - It's just time. Other projects have become more pressing.
  • Oh! I've just jumped in to discover that you guys are gone :'( :'( :'(
    Best of luck to you because you deserve only the better of this world, but I'll put up some magiс along to have you back some time in the future )))
    And huge appreciation for keeping the forum up.
    Muah! <3
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