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  • Probably, an high pH was chosen to soften and weaken the hair, which is easier to shave off in this case.
  • What about the other alkalizers? Found some publications which compared damage effects caused by ammonia and the substitute ethanolamine: Inoue, Takafumi,…
  • The detergency and irritation potential of pure linear alkyl benzene sulfonates (LAS) indeed is rather similar to pure alkyl sulfates (like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)). Highly irritant anionic surfactants like sulfates and sulfonates are generally …
  • Hair removal creams contain sulfur compounds which break down the disulfide bonds in hair. The occuring chemical reaction is more or less comparable with the first step of perming. Hair becomes extremely brittle during this procedure, so that you ca…
  • Squalane is different from other plant oils. It is a triterpene. It has very good spreading properties, so it does not leave much oily residue on skin and can help to improve the distribution of other oils with poor spreading properties.
  • The isoionic point relates to the total hair fiber. The isoelectric point only focuses on the fiber surface properties (the A-layer).
  • There is a german stylist (Dennis Busch) making youtube vids about Olaplex and Keraphlex. He usually uses conventional products. But in one of his comments he affirmed, that he noticed a slight protecting effect from coconut oil pretreatments he tri…
  • To be more precise ;-)
Like Randy already said: Hair has always a certain moisture content depending on the moisture of the atmosphere (eg. in the air of your living room). 

Hair contains nearly 10 % water relative to its dr…
  • I have another question raised on my long hair network.
The product description of a common silver shampoo notes, that it is not suitable for natural blonde hair (but for grey hair!?).
It is also with CI 60730 (Acid Violet 43). Apart…
  • When I use egg in my home-made hair masks I add small amounts of acid (vinegar) to lower the pH. Other treatments with acids have not the same effects to my hair. 

But I would not completely rule out the possiblity that adequate amo…
  • I definitly notice a conditioning effect from egg and it is definitly not a clarifying effect. My hair feels completely different. It really feels like a conditioning film.
A protein film is my first thought.
Eggs also contain differ…

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