On today’s show we’re going to be answering questions about… Does Kiehls eye alert product help eyes look better? What is the best product to use to avoid breakouts with anti-aging benefits? What do you think of the technology of the new Victoria Beckham line? What is the oldest beauty product on the market today? [...]

Do bond builders for hair really work? Episode 216

The Beauty Brains episode 216 featuring cosmetic chemists Valerie George and Perry Romanowski.  Beauty questions covered today include:  How do bond builders work?  Is sodium coco sulfate more gentle than SLS? Does men’s antiperspirant better than women’s? Beauty Science Avon launches a new CBD skin care line. R+Co just launched a CBD Beauty Questions Question [...]

Viruses Carnauba Wax and Argan oil on hair – Episode 215

This is Episode 215. I’m your host, Perry Romanowski and with me today all the way from sunny California is Valerie George.  Hello Valerie! We have a few interesting beauty questions to cover today, including: Can the coronavirus survive on your hair? What does it mean when a permanent color says it’s not for gray [...]

Is high end lipstick better than store brand lipstick? episode 214

Welcome to the Beauty Brains, a show where real cosmetic chemists answer your beauty product questions and give you an insider’s look at the cosmetic industry. This is Episode 214. I’m your host, Valerie George and with me today is the most famous cosmetic chemist who already works from home, Perry Romanowski.  Hello Perry! We [...]

Does Beverly Hills MD Brow Serum work and other beauty questions? episode 213

We have a lot of beauty questions to answer today, including: What do we think of the Beverly Hills MD brow serum Are lash tints safe? Why do anti-aging ingredients affect skin color? Why do dermatologists keep saying hyaluronic acid is pointless? Perry and Valerie are under self imposed quarantine!  But we’re still recording.  Beauty [...]

Can I use a facial cleanser as a shampoo? Episode 212

  Beauty Questions covered We have a lot of beauty questions to answer today, including: What are the best facial moisturizers for sensitive skin? Is there a big difference between facial cleansers and shampoo? Will castor oil help your hair grow? How does someone become a cosmetic chemist? (Audio) Beauty Science News How is the [...]

Vitamin C in Cosmetic Products – Does it work? episode 211

It’s an all Vitamin C podcast episode. In this show we answer questions including… Beauty Questions Are there different grades of vitamin C/ascorbic acid since the prices vary so much for the same thing? What is your opinion of the effectiveness of waterless Vitamin C products? Does Vitamin C really do anything for your skin? [...]

Is bakuchiol safe during pregnancy? episode 210

We’ve got a fully packed program today.  We’ll be covering a couple of cosmetic science news stories, catching up from my hiatus and answering questions about… Is silicone suffocating hair and causing hair loss?Do proteins in nail products strengthen nails?What is goat’s milk doing in soaps and more?What’s an affordable version of Skinceuticals Triple Lipid [...]

Is eye lash lift safe and effective? episode 209

It’s a solo Beauty Brains podcast. Chemical Free RantSince I’m going solo, there are a few topics I’d like to rant about. Let’s start with chemical free. Can someone tell me something, what do people mean when they claim “chemical free”? I look at the world from the standpoint of a scientist but you don’t [...]

Peptides in skin care – episode 208

Beauty questions answered today include Is there a bar shampoo or bar conditioner that works as well as the ones out of a bottle?Why can’t everyone use retinol?Is sugaring dangerous? And does it work as well as waxing? Do peptides have an effect beyond moisturizing & is there a “best one” to pick? Beauty Science News [...]